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Cook Service

You will enjoy the convenience of dining "at home" with a piping hot breakfast in the morning and homemade flavorful dishes for lunch or dinner. You choose the menu for the week from a wide assortment of selections including fresh seafood, chicken, pork and Mexican favorites such as fajitas, enchiladas, chile rellenos and more. If there are dietary restrictions, that is not a problem; the staff can accommodate food allergies, vegetarians, etc.

Each property has it's own approved staff or meal service provider with various options available. Prices vary depending on the services offered. Please check with us for details about the cook service available in the vacation villa or condo that you have reserved.

Please note that ONLY approved cook staff or meal service provider is allowed on the premises. For security purposes and owner's wishes, outside, unapproved or independent meal service providers are NOT allowed on the premises.

  • Cooks normally prepare 2 meals per day, including breakfast and your choice of lunch or evening meal for 5 to 6 days during the week
  • Meal service rates vary slightly, depending on property you choose. Weekly rates start at approximately $200 per adult; $100 for children. This includes the cost of the food, preparation, service and clean up. The price does not include beverages or tip for the cook.
  • Lobster and shrimp are extra charge (depending on the market price)
    Priority is given to guests who request meal service for the full week (5 to 6 days of service)
  • Meal service for partial weeks is available in some properties; some properties have a minimum of 3 days that must be consecutive (no skipped days)
  • Please make arrangements for cook service far enough in advance to confirm availability of cook service.
  • Some meal service providers require full payment PRIOR to arrival. Others will accept a deposit prior to arrival with balance paid on arrival.
  • Payment for meal service can be made by personal check or credit card prior to arrival. Or, if due on arrival, payment can be paid in US cash or travelers checks (sorry, no credit cards or checks on the island).
  • If you wish to have the villa stocked with some basic grocery items or beverages, some properties offer a shopping service with a stocking fee of approximately 20%. Payment must be made in US cash.
  • If you have special dietary restrictions, or have a special event or celebration such as birthday or anniversary, please let us know in advance.
A Few Sample Menus
Breakfast includes coffee, orange juice, milk,bread and fresh fruit Lunch/Dinner includes soup or salad and side dishes such as rice, vegetable, guacamole, etc.

Mexican Eggs

Chicken or Beef Fajitas

Ham, Cheese & Mushroom Omelet Breaded/Garlic Butter Grouper
Pancakes and
Ham, Bacon or Sausage
Sirloin Tips in Mexican Sauce
French Toast and
Ham, Bacon or Sausage
Chicken Enchiladas
Ranchers' Eggs Chili Rellenos
Chilaquiles with Chicken Chicken Pibil or Mole
Scrambled Eggs• Ham, Bacon or Sausage Breaded or Garlic Butter
Shrimp or Lobster
(extra charge for shrimp/lobster)

Regional Foods of Cozumel

  • Carne Asada: Pork or beef, grilled over a charcoal fire
  • Chuleta Yucateca: Pork chop, marinated in red adobado then grilled and smothered wth sauteed onions
  • Churros: A donut type batter deep fried with a coating of sugar
  • Ceviche: Fish, shirmp or conch (prounced "konk") marinated in lemon and vinegar with onions, tomatoes and cilantro.
  • Flan: A popular custard dessert
  • Horchata: A sweet drink made of rice or barley, almonds, sugar, vanilla and water
  • Huachinango: Red snapper, usually served whole
  • Queso "Gallo":Holland cheese that has been imported to the Yucatan. Queso rellano (stuffed cheese) is made with ground beef, raisins, capers, smothered with Holland cheese and topped with a creamy white sauce
  • Tamalas: Chicken, wwrapped in a heavy dough and cooked in banana leaves
  • Ixnepech: A hot sauce made with spicy Habanero peppers, tomatoes, onions, cilantro, lime and vinegar. Means "dog's nose" in Mayan.
  • Jamaica: Promounced "ha-my-ka", this delicious drink is made from flowers.
  • Mero: Fresh grouper, usually served as a fillet >
  • Mojo de Ajo: Fish, conch or shrimp, served in butter and garlic sauce
  • Mole: Chicken or turkey or enchiladas, baked in a thick, spicy brown sauce made of almonds, chocolate, chipotle peppers and peanut oil
  • Pibil: Chicken or pork baked in a tangy red sauce with orange juice and wrapped in banana leaves
  • Plantano Frito: Fried bananas, greasy but tasty