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family fun!Now booking summer, fall, holiday and winter 2002
Why are more and more people travelint to Mexico in the summer? Because it's not quite as busy as the high season months, and in some cases there are off-season rates on villas and condos. Snorkelers and divers like the warmer water temperatures. The weather is great and many families like to travel with their children who have summer off from school. Summer date are filling in, but we have openings yet in many properties.

Fall months tend to be slower than summer and winter, but the water's still nice and warm! Some properties have off-season rates during this time period and you can get some great deals.

Holiday dates are in high demand as friends and families opt to spend Christmas or New Year's in the tropics for one of the most memorable holidays of all. Temperature doesn't vary greatly throughout the year so you can expect it to be warm whenever you travel. Just plan early; many properties book up to a year in advance.

Weather forecast: Warm! However, coolest months are December-January with average temperature of 73 degrees. Occasionally the area may experience a winter cold front with unusually cool weather for a few days. These fronts, which may occur from January through March are called "northers." While a norther might bring a chill to the air (temperature could drop into the 60s), it's certainly a far cry from icy cold. Fortunately, fronts are not common and when they occur they are in and gone within a couple of days.

Hottest months are July-August when the average daily temperature rises to the low 80s (day time temperature can be in the high 80s, low 90s). Temperatures drop in the evenings on even the hottest days.

Rainiest month is generally October, with up to 11 inches, followed by September with 8 inches, and May/June getting about 7 inches. Normally rain may fall for a couple of hours and then it clears. Fall months can be a good time to travel because it is the off-season and therefore more quiet.

Driest months are December and February with 2 inches or less.

When considering travel dates consider that busiest times to travel are Christmas, New Year's, Thanksgiving and months of January, February and March. Most properties book up to one year advance for these dates, so plan early! Also keep in mind that more and more travelers are choosing vacation villas or condos over hotels because of the value, space and amenities that are available in a private rental property. The key is to plan as far in advance as possible.

fun in the sun!Holidays begin to fill 1 year in advance. The locals celebrate the season with a passion and you'll be caught up in the excitement of the holidays. Children sing Christmas carols and holiday performances are featured in some areas. You can expect other special local events and you're invited to join in the fun. It's a great opportunity to experience a holiday getaway in the sun. Pack up your family and friends and head to sunny Mexico next holiday season! Celebrate the season and get a break from chilly weather. Enjoy a warm holiday south of the border. Count stars instead of snowflakes. Sip margaritas in place of Tom and Jerry's. Bask in the sun or splash in the sea. Build sand castles rather than snowmen. It could be the most memorable holiday ever! Now's the time to make arrangements. Book early! Properties fill up to a year ahead.

Reserve now for summer dates and holiday and winter 2002 travel!

If you want to make a reservation, e-mail Ron and Sherrie at, call 763-295-5960 or e-mail Mary at or phone 763-295-2191.

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