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WINTER 2001 Edition: Update on Cozumel and Akumal Mexico
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News Notes . . .
Tidbits on Restaurants/Food/Nightlife. . . NEW Cozumel-Playa ferries!

    Casa Blanca Restaurant in COZUMEL: This new restaurant opened about 4 months ago and features international as well as Mexican favorites. The new eatery is located on the southeast corner of the central plaza near Casa Denis. Chicken, fish, pasta, salads, fajitas, hamburgers are all on the menu along with numerous other items. Seating is available at tables along the sidewalk or on the second story balcony. Inside is a marble bar with dance floor and live music plays every night except Thursdays and Sundays. On the waiter's recommendation, we ordered chicken shish kabob and barbecue pork ribs. Tender chunks of tasty chicken breast wrapped in bacon were skewered on sticks and barbecued along with fresh mushrooms, green pepper and onion and served with baked potato with sour cream and salad. The tangy pork ribs were marinated and slathered in slightly sweet barbecue sauce. Prices were moderate at 68 pesos for the chicken shish kabob and 78 pesos for pork ribs. We had a pleasant dining experience just as the sun set on a Sunday evening when the locals were beginning to gather for the the weekly fiesta in the central plaza.

    Burger King and other newsnotes in Cozumel: Burger King will soon make its premier in Cozumel with location near Chedraui grocery store . . . Recently opened near Chedraui is a new cinema complex with 5 screens (Cinepolis). Las Tortugas Restaurant, formerly located 10th Ave., has now moved to 30th Ave. We often recommended Palancar Beach area as a quiet place to get away from the more developed beach areas. The facilities are currently closed for renovation and sheduled to reopen in June or July. Let's hope they don't bring jet skis and other motorized craft to this area when it opens again!

Karen's Pizza: Playa del Carmen: This one is located not far from the waterfront plaza. It's an old favorite that's been around for years (it formerly had a location in Cozumel). Pizzas, pasta and traditional Mexican favorites are available on the menu. Service was quick and friendly; prices moderate. The small pizza was more than enough for one person and we could only eat half of it. It was mainly meat and cheese toppings and not as much tomato sauce as we would have liked, but it was quite tasty. The spaghetti was typical with Italian style tomato based sauce. The waiters were performing with flaming drinks that they poured from glass to glass and at one point the three got together to present a cascading display of fire. Guess you had to be there.

Pelicano Inn in Playa del Carmen (next to Ronny's Beach Bar): Bountiful breakfast buffet is served 7 to 11 a.m. at only $6.00 with an endless choice of goodies including fresh fruits, sweet rolls, toast, juice, eggs any style (chef will whip up a fresh omelet to your specifications), pancakes, french toast, ham and croissants. The place was hopping with hungry diners who were pleased to have discovered the eatery.

Off-the-beaten track! Located just south of Akumal in the small village of Chemuyil, you'll find a charming little eatery called Pizzeria Leo. As you drive south on Highway 307, take a right at Chemuyil. This little village has just a couple of stores and this treasure of a pizza place. In addition to terrific pizza, they serve some pretty tasty pasta and salads. Thanks for the tip on this one; we enjoyed it mucho!

Delayed yet again! Island golf course
You guess is as good as ours as to when the new golf course will open on the island. Originally scheduled to open in the fall of 2000, that date was pushed back to December 2000. Next it was scheduled to open in the spring 2001. Now the inauguration date is slated for fall 2001. And before the first one has yet to see play, plans have been announced for two more golf courses to be developed south of San Miguel. One will be just south of the Playa Sol Beach area and another is south of Villablanca.

Shopping mall in Cozumel!
Opening in the near future is a new oceanfront mall in Cozumel. Punta Langosta Commercial and Entertainment Center boasts 16 thousand square meters of shops with approximately 76 retail businesses, including restaurants (the new Carlos and Charlies and perhaps a piano bar), bars, discos, boutiques, specialty stores and services including tours and transportation. This project features a lavish 5000 square meter garden area and 8000 square meters of parking which will hold over 240 vehicles. The Punta Langosta shopping and entertainment center will be a convenient and enjoyable place for residents and visitors to relax and shop. It is located along the oceanfront near the cruise ship pier close to the center of the city.

Aqua World make a splash in Cozumel
This new recreational area is located south of town on the road that leads into the village of Cedral on the island of Cozumel. The water-theme entertainment park features slides and pools as well as snacks and refreshments. Though small by American standards, the water park is fun for small children while mom and dad enjoy a cold drink at a poolside table. Though frequently mainly by locals, gringos are welcome, too. Admission is 50 pesos for adults and 40 pesos for children. Enjoy a visit in this jungle location.

new ferries on paradeSail away, sail away, sail way . . .
Faster than a speeding tuna, shinier than a new peso! Two new ferry boats have been added to the fleet that plies the waters between Cozumel and Playa del Carmen. Recently inaugurated, were Mexico 4 and Mexico 5, which can make the crossing in just 30 minutes, shaving a good ten minutes off the travel time. The twin hulled Catamaran style vessels are sparkling clean with comfortable seating. The complete fleet of ferries was recently on display as they paraded along the coast of Cozumel. Tickets are still the same rate, at approximately $14 roundtrip. Mexico 1, 2 and 3 are still in use and take about 40 minutes to cross. Get out your watch, hop on the ferry and compare the travel time between the new and the old model ferries. All ferries are equipped with air conditioning, modern bathrooms and video entertainment. Beer, soft drinks and snacks are sold onboard.

Cozumel Chrysalis: Your help will send a child to school
Kids of Cozumel need help to enable them to get an education. Your support can help to buy shoes, school uniforms, pens, pencils, notebooks, dictionaries and other necessary school supplies that some families cannot afford. Cozumel Chrysalis Group is a nonprofit organization that was formed by kind and caring Americans to help deserving students attend public school. Chrysalis believes that basic education is essential to help children succeed in life. All kids deserve a chance and your donations can make a world of difference. Every little bit helps the kids!

How YOU can help: Give a cash donation, contribute supplies (pens, pencils, notebooks), or bring your GOOD used closing (a drop point is the Miniature Golf Course on 15th Ave.). For more information e-mail: or phone Alicia at 011-52-987-25478.

Cozumel Humane Society
And, as long as you're helping the kids, how about the four-footed friends. If you are an animal lover, the Humane Society of Cozumel needs your help. The priority of the program is to run a free spay-neuter campaign in order to control the serious pet overpopulation on the island. The clinic offers at-cost vet services, an adoption program, and euthanasia at no cost.

The shelter is completely dependent on donations and volunteerism and any help is sincerely appreciated. A donation of only 1 peso from every visitor to the island would be enough to allow the society to continue their important work. If you would like to help them, drop a few pesos in the collection boxes in shops throughout the island (Rock N Java Cafe on the waterfront by Barracuda Hotels has one!). If you are planning a trip to the island and have a bit of spare room in your suitcase, bring an animal "care package." Needed are dog or cat treats, surgical gloves, cotton, gauze, suture, iodine, rubbing alcohol, disinfectant or other cleaning products or any animal products like shampoo, collars, leashes, flea and tick powder, etc.

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