News and information on Cozumel, Akumal, Xcalak Mexico
Fall 2000 Edition
Ron and Sherrie White • Mary White–Vacation Villa and Condo Rental

Up, down, all around
We've looked at Mexico from all sides now. Recently we did an aerial tour via helicopter and got a bird's eyeview of Cozumel and the Maya Riviera. On another outing, we explored the jungle on a quest to find cenotes. Underwater excursions revealed the incredible beauty of Cozumel's vast reef system and an opportunity to appreciate the abundant and varied sealife. Nocturnal visits to the beaches of Cozumel and Akumal gave us front row seats to observe sea turtles as they came ashore to lay their eggs; we helped to release baby turtles into the sea. Latest news from south of the border:

  • Oh my aching back! A back injury and intense pain put me in the hands of a Cozumel doctor and the most bizarre treatment I've every experienced.
  • The awesome sea turtle experience is an incredible opportunity to watch and participate in a wildlife protection program.
  • We've added new properties to our inventory in both Cozumel and on the mainland. Check them out.
  • What's new pussy cat . . . and other tidbits.
  • It is possible to own a piece of paradise. Mariposa Estates is a planned development in Cozumel.
  • Time to book for the holidays and for winter 2001! Many of our properties are filling up; if you plan to travel, make your reservation soon!

Mary, Sherrie and Ron

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All in the family
Thanks to you we're growing. Because of the tremendous support over the years we have continued to grow. We started with just a few properties in Cozumel and today have over 130 in Cozumel, Akumal, Playa, Puerto Aventuras, Tankah and Xcalak.

Recently, Mary White (yes, she's a relative) joined our team. Mary has traveled to Mexico many times and has seen most of the properties that we offer. Mary has her own website offering the same properties that we have. Her website address is:

If you have booked with us in the past, THANK YOU! We appreciate your business very much. If you've never made a reservation with us, we hope we can work with you soon!
–Ron, Sherrie and Mary

In this issue:

Witch doctor, wizard, magicician?
Tensegrity Therapy

The Sea Turtle Experience
Preserving this ancient animal

New properties!
Cozumel, Akumal, etc.

Own a piece of paradise!
Cozumel planned development

News notes: Restaurants, Rotary club, helicopter tours, baby kitties . . .

Tis the season to be making reservations for holiday and winter 2001 reservations!

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