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Corpus Christi

Corpus Christi Pics and Neighborhood Description

Corpus Christi is a neighborhood that's located just south of downtown Cozumel. The neighborhood officially starts south of 11th Avenue (also know as Av. Andres Quintana Roo) and continues to Calle 23 where it runs into jungle.

The name for the neighborhood comes from the large yellow Catholic church that goes by the same name. If you're staying in Corpus Christi, it's a must-visit, as is the large square in front of the church. It's a great spot for people watching, especially on Sundays, during and after mass.

Unofficially known as the "expat" neighborhood, Corpus (as it's also referred to) has a good mix of more well-to-do locals and expats from the U.S., Canada, and Europe. It's a great neighborhood for a longer stay on the island as it's coveniently located to everything and filled with long-term residents. Staying in Corpus means you'll be about a 5-15 min walk from the edge of downtown and about a 20-25 min walk from the central square. Taxis are a bit hard to flag down since the streets are not major traffic arteries, but you can walk a few minutes to a main avenue or call one of two local taxis numbers and ask for a pick-up. 

While it's really close to the main part of downtown, the neighborhood itself has very few stores or restaurants. There are a few lunch spots and tiny convenience stores, but for the most if you stay here, you'll be doing most of your eating and shopping elsewhere.

The rentals in Corpus Christi are comprised mostly of larger 2-5 bedrooms homes, making it an ideal neighborhood if you're travelling with family or a group of friends. Most houses have backyards and/or pools, convenient if you're travelling with kids.

If you're a diver, this is also a good neighborhood for you to stay. Number one, Corpus is located south of town, so it's close to the two main marinas from which dive boats depart. It's also close to downtown if you happen to be diving with a dive shop that has a dock in the center of town. Additionally, many homes have dive rinse tanks and drying areas, making the transition from one day of diving to the next much simpler and comfortable.


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