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Horseback Riding

There are several areas where you can ride in Cozumel. Enjoy a relaxing ride along the beach or in the jungle. Don't expect a huge stable of steeds . . . you'll find these are pretty small, simple operations with just a few horses, but still a good time.

Larger groups can be accommodated with enough notice. If you have a large group, make arrangements in advance and they will be able to put together enough horses for your posse.

Rancho los Laureles: Horseback riding is available north of town (1.5 hour rides).

Rancho Palmitas is located south of town on the coastal highway. You can choose from a couple options including a 1.5 hour ride through the jungle to a cenoteor a 2.5 hour jungle ride to a cave, Mayan ruins and a small temple. Hours at the ranch are 8 a.m. to 5:30 p.m.

Call 044-987-876-8988 or stop by the Ranch.

EcoParque Cozumel, on the transveral road also offers horseback riding. If you are on your way to or from the "wild side," this is a convenient location. EcoParque Cozmel also offers zip lines, paint ball and a swimming pool.

Horseback riding is also available at Mr. Sancho's.

We recommend that you wear boots, hiking boots or tennis shoes, sunglasses, hat and bring sun screen. Bug spray may be a good idea for the jungle, too!