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Shopping in Cozumel


You can buy just about anything you need at the various supermarkets and stores in Cozumel. One of the great benefits of staying in a private villa or condo is that you have more space, including a full kitchen or kitchenette. You can stock up on your favorite foods and beverages for snacks, lunches or complete dinners. If your property has a barbecue, you can throw some burgers, chicken or shrimp on the grill. You'll save a few bucks by having some meals in your rental property, as well as enjoy the convenience of grabbing a quick snack or beverage out of your own frig. There are several large grocery stores on the island. For your shopping convenience, try:

MEGA: This is Cozumel's newest store and the name says it all. It is a huge–by Cozumel standards–grocery/department. You can find it ALL here: deli, meats, seafood, fruits, veggies, appliances, clothing, etc. Located on the oceanfront road between Calle 11 and 13, just before Chedraui. There's underground parking here!

Chedraui: Located on the oceanfront road south of Calle 11, across from Plaza Las Glorias Hotel. Plenty of parking. Instore bakery, deli, large selection of fresh fruits/vegetables, liquor/beer, and full line of groceries.
San Francisco: On 30th Ave. on the corner of Juarez. Full selection of fruits/vegetables, beer/liquor, and groceries plus instore deli and bakery.

Liquor Stores can sell beer/liquor until 9 p.m. Mon.-Sat. and before 2 on Sunday. There are numerous liquor stores throughout San Miquel, including a large drive up liquor store located next to the San Francisco store on 30th (just north of the store).
Small neighborhood tiendas (stores) are scattered throughout town and are convenient to many properties. Don't be afraid to go in and poke around, buy a couple of Cokes or a few basics. Some tiendas stock fruits and vegetables, some have beer/liquor.

Another alternative to restaurants and cooking yourself is to have a cook come in and prepare two meals a day in your villa or condo. We can make arrangements for you for the cook service.

Gifts, Crafts, Art, Furniture, Misc.

You'll find hundreds of shops scattered throughout town, along the coastal road and at the beach areas and sites of interest. Jewelry stores tend to be concentrated along the oceanfront in town.

Cozumel T shirts, sweatshirts, tote bags and colorful beach towels
Mexican blankets and handmade hammocks in vibrant colors
Lace tablecloths
Leather goods (purses, backpacks, boots, belts, etc.)
Pottery, vases, glassware and serving pieces
Papier mache, rain sticks, masks
During the holidays: nativity scenes, Christmas decorations
Souvenir cups, ashtrays, shot glasses, etc.
Liquors of Mexico: Kahlua, Tequila, Ixtabentun, Rum and specialty liquors
Silver, gold and diamond jewelry
Hair braids, temporary or permanent tattoos
Miniature art, feather art, paintings, stained glass
Rustic wood furniture
Ceramic tile, Talavera

Don't be afraid to get off the oceanfront into the smaller shops. Many of those located off the main drag have lower prices. You might have fun poking around the local hardware stores, etc. You could discover some interesting stuff!