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Cozumel Sailing offers various sailing adventures on the island. All boats are safe, secure, self-righting keel boats with electric start motor, cabin, galley, marine head (bathroom), marine radio, shallow depth alarm, life jackets and cooler with cold beverages of your choice. The sailboat rental service offers shore to boat transportation, boat and equipment, instructions if needed, constant radio communication with motor boat captain, assistance back to mooring and transportation back to shore.

Boats can be rented hourly or daily for your private sailing adventure. Up to 26 people per boat can experience this Caribbean activity. Rates start at $35 USD per person ($25 USD for non-drinkers) for three hours for a sunset sail.

Also available: Sailing instructions, snacks, fruit, lunch or dinner and extra drinks.

Cozumel Sailing is located at the Puerto Abrigo marina. Give sailing a try and let us know how you like it! You can e-mail Cozumel Sailing for more information or to reserve your sail boat. See Cozumel Sailing for more information.