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WINTER 2001 Edition: Update on Cozumel and Akumal Mexico
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News Notes . . .
Tidbits on Cozumel Restaurants/Food/Nightlife:

    Flock to CrazyParrot's and enjoy your perch in a tropical jungle setting
    CrazyParrot's International has just opened their newest Mexico venture- CrazyParrot's Bocce Club and Pizza Garden. This new venture is located within the La Cucina Italiana Restaurante on 10th Avenue just north of the central plaza.

    CrazyParrot offers a unique dining/entertainment experience in its Bocce Club & Pizza Garden. Promising a "Tropi-cool Experience," you can drop by and make new friends while playing Bocce or simply relax in the tropical garden setting. The lush jungle atmosphere is complete with brightly colored parrots, exotic drinks, superb Italian food and lots of friendly folks. Never played Bocce? Stop by for a free lesson and stay for the fun. You'll want to catch the Jazz and Blues Review on Friday nights, featuring the Bocce Blues Band and complementary late-night snacks. Plan to visit CrazyParrot's at least once!

    La Cucina ltaliana Restaurante
    You'll feel like you've been transported to Italy the minute you enter this lovely restaurant, just one block off the main square (same location as CrazyParrot). Owned and operated by a friendly Italian family who has been serving exquisite Italian home cooking in Cozumel since 1985, this is the perfect place for that special evening in Cozumel. Choose from a variety of pastas (freshly made by hand every day) and zesty sauces created from family recipes handed down from generations. Also enjoy succulent seafood dishes as well as some of the best antipasto and bruschetta anywhere, even in Italy! At La Cucina ltaliana, you are not just a customer ... you are an honored guest of a gracious Italian family. Your first visit to La Cucina ltaliana will not be your last!

    This & That

    Hogg's Breath Saloon has closed permanently. Too bad, it was a great place for live music and dancing. But don't fret! If you're looking for lively entertainment you can choose between Carlos & Charlie's, Joe's Lobster Bar, CrazyParrot as well as several other restaurants and bars.

    Kiss My Cactus, located along the oceanfront is one of the island's newest, upscale bars. Stop by for a cold drink and great ocean views.

    Club Playa Sol: This new beach recreational area developed by the National Turisticas organization has a grand palapa of 1,500 square meters; the palapa can also serve as a convention hall. The opening of this facility was attended by the governor of the state, Joaquin Hendriks. Club Playa Sol, is located 15 kilometers south on the coastal highway as you leave the town of San Miguel. Originally opened in 1988, its first years of service it was leased out by the family of Ortega Joaquin. Now the family has developed this new project which includes an immense palapa with the capacity to serve up to 1,000 people at one time. Along with access to the beach and aquatic activities, the beach club provides a great variety of services and activities for visitors. The facility features a small zoo with a variety of animals from Quintana Roo, a fully equipped dive shop offering all levels of instruction, swimming pool, restaurant, bar, jet skis and other diversions. Entertainers, including musicians and dancers, provide a colorful and festive atmosphere. Several stores offering Mexican and international handicrafts help round out the beach club. It's the great beach that is the main attraction here!

    Park Punta Sur: The Park of Punta Sur located on Cozumel's southern most point is an ecotourist project of the Parks and Museums Foundation of Cozumel. The oceanfront area promotes a rational and responsible use of the natural resources belonging to Columbia Lagoon, including a flora and fauna reserve in excellent ecological condition. It has a great variety of beautiful natural landscapes. Extending for more than one hundred hectares, the lagoon environment prevails with typical mangrove jungles and tropical coast, making an interesting combination of environments and ecosystems with a rich diversity of wild flora and fauna. Of course, you can enjoy the beautiful white sand beaches with the characteristic transparent water colored with various shades of blue and green. There is an information center, beach snack bar, ruins of the original Mayan lighthouse which was used for maritime navigation nearly 800 years ago. It also boasts a museum located in the existing lighthouse as well as a snorkel and restaurant center.

    Punta Langosta Commercial and Entertainment Center: Wow! When this new facility opens (scheduled some time the spring of 2001), there will be 16 thousand square meters of shops with approximately 76 retail businesses, including restaurants (the new Carlos and Charles and perhaps a piano bar), bars, discos, boutiques, specialty stores and services including tours and transportation. This project features a lavish 5000 square meter garden area and 8000 square meters of parking which will hold over 240 vehicles. This will constitute the fourth development of Gicsa in Quintana Roo, together with "The Isla Shopping Village" the "Forum by the Sea" and "Maralago" in Cancun. These projects were done with a group of local private investors. They have invested more than 200 million dollars in these new projects. The Punta Langosta shopping and entertainment center will be a convenient and enjoyable place for residents and visitors to relax and shop. It is located along the oceanfront near the cruise ship pier closest to the center of the city.

Cozumel's golf course opening delayed
Optimists predicted the completion date of Cozumel's first golf course to be January 2001. That date has now been pushed back to some time in the spring of 2001. In addition, an announcement recently appeared in the local newspaper about the construction of a second and third golf course south of San Miguel. One course is planned to be built just south of Playa Sol Beach area. Third golf course would be located just past Villablanca, closer to town.
Aqua World recreational park
This new recreational area is under construction on the road that leads into the village of Cedral on the island of Cozumel. The water-theme entertainment park will feature water slides and refreshing fun, food and activities. Small shops and concessions will also scheduled to open. This new diversion is slated for completion early in 2001.
Cozumel Chrysalis: Your help will send a child to school
Kids of Cozumel need help to enable them to get an education. Your support can help to buy shoes, school uniforms, pens, pencils, notebooks, dictionaries and other necessary school supplies that some families cannot afford. Cozumel Chrysalis Group is a nonprofit organization that was formed by kind and caring Americans to help deserving students attend public school. This group has been helping students since 1995 when it sponsored 19 students. Chrysalis has continued to grow with the generous help of travelers to the island. Currently the group sponsors approximately 180 students in primary and secondary school as well as high school. Chrysalis believes that basic education is essential to help children succeed in life. All kids deserve a chance and your donations can make a world of difference.

Is the program working? YES, because some kind folks who care have been generous with their gifts of clothing, cash and school supplies. The kids are thriving thanks to people who have given from their hearts with gifts both large and small. Every little bit helps!

help cozumel kidsA couple of shining examples of the success of Chrysalis are pictured at left. Ligia Margarita Beatriz Ortega and Rony Humberto Villanueva Ortega have excelled in school and the future looks bright for them. Sister and brother, Ligia and Rony have thrived with help from Chrysalis and are at the top of their class. Donations from Chrysal have allowed them to stay in school and focus on their education.

You can help make a difference in a child's life.

  • Sponsor an elementary student for $50 US per year or a junior high student for $150 US per year. You will receive a photo and background info.
  • Make a cash donations in any amount. Even the smallest donation is appreciated. Without financial support these children cannot afford to attend school.
  • Donate good, clean, used clothing. Chrysalis sells used clothing to locals at a nominal price in order to generate funds for the Chrysalis program. The locals benefit with good quality clothing at affordable prices. Give your good quality used clothing so that a child can attend school. Clothing for ages is appreciated and will be sold with all proceeds used for school supplies for local children.
  • Bring school supplies like pens, pencils, notebooks or other items to donate. School supplies are much needed and will be given to children in need.

When planning your trip to the island, leave some room in your suitcase to pack some articles of clothing or school supplies. Or make a cash donation when you arrive. You can drop your donations off at Cozumel's Mini-Golf (stay and play a game just for fun, too!). Mini-Golf is located on 15th Ave. just inland from the main plaza. It is located high on the hill just south of the water tower. Or, you can drop items at Alicia's Bed & Breakfast (on the island, call Alicia at 872-5478 for directions).

Travel to Cozumel and savor the beauty of the island; take home wonderful memories and leave a meaningful gift with any donation you can make.

If you would like more information about Chrysalis, please e-mail: or phone Alicia at 011-52-987-25478. Your support will be appreciated SO much and you can make a big difference in at least one child's life!

Cozumel Humane Society
If you are an animal lover, the Humane Society of Cozumel needs your help.

The recognized Humane Society exists in Cozumel thanks to a small, one-time grant authorized by the Mexican government in 1993. That grant was sufficient to build a clinic/shelter, which has been operating since April 1996, attended by a full time resident veterinarian. The priority of the program is to run a free spay-neuter campaign in order to control the serious pet overpopulation help the animalson the island. The clinic offers at-cost vet services, an adoption program, and euthanasia at no cost.

The shelter is completely dependent on donations and volunteerism and any help is sincerely appreciated. A donation of only 1 peso from every visitor to the island would be enough to allow the society to continue their important work. If you would like to help them, drop a few pesos in the collection boxes in shops throughout the island (Rock N Java Cafe on the waterfront by Barracuda Hotels has one!). If you are planning a trip to the island and have a bit of spare room in your suitcase, bring an animal "care package." Here are a few suggestions:

  • Dog or cat treats
  • Surgical gloves
  • Cotton, gauze, suture,
  • Iodine, rubbing alcohol, disinfectant or other cleaning products
  • Old towels
  • Food or water bowls
  • Collars or leashes (used are fine)
  • Pet shampoo
  • Flea & tick products
  • Ink cartridges for Hewlett Packard inkjet color printer, (HP 51625A or B&W HP 51633M)
  • File folders or office supplies in general
  • Single bed sheets
  • Hospital scrub shirts
  • Dog and cat carriers or e-mail us for a current "Wish List". or

To make a villa or condo reservation, contact us by e-mail or give us a call. You can e-mail Ron and Sherrie at, call us at 763-295-5960 or e-mail Mary at or phone her at 763-295-2191.

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