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Witch doctor, wizard, magician? Who cares; it works.
Oh my aching back! The afternoon before we were scheduled to leave for Mexico I sprained my back. I lie writhing in pain wondering how in the world I was ever going to move, let alone board a plane and travel to Mexico. My husband peeled me off the floor and delivered me in a painful pile to an accommoodating chiropractor who agreed to see me at the last minute before we had to catch our flight to Mexico. While the treatment was helpful and allowed me to stand nearly upright, I was still very uncomfortable. The flight the following day was a challenge, but I survived. However I was in a lot of pain and now I was suffering in Mexico. The following day was even worse and I couldn't move from the couch; I was in excrutiating pain from my lower back to the top of my head. Now, I've done it, I thought. Not only is my back killing me, but I'm going to have to go to a dentist and experience multiple root canals at the hands of a Mexican dentist.

Scott KircherFortunately, a friend living in Cozumel recommended that I see Scott Kircher, a chiropractor who practices a new technique that is quite different than the traditional chiropractic therapy. We met him outside his office in Cozumel (I was the clump on the sidewalk). Inside, Scott observed my range of motion (or lack thereof), questioned me about any past injuries, surgeries (recent or childhood) and gave me a briefing on what he was about to do.

I can't explain what he did. My husband watched the entire procedure, and he couldn't tell you what he did exactly either. It was the most bizarre treatment that I've ever experienced. No adjustments, no bone crunching, no pushing, pulling or strange positioning. Instead, he gently touched various parts of my body from head to toe. With both hands he would softly push and then quickly whisk his hands in opposite directions as he had me look up, or down or to the right or left. After 45 minutes, I could nearly leap off the table. My pain was gone and I could move freely and comfortably. In fact, I suggested that we go for a stroll and get some ice cream. Two days later I was playing tennis. No further treatments were needed and I felt great!

We learned that Scott studied this technique from the person who wrote the book on what's called Tensegrity Therapy. There are only about 30 people in the world who are qualified to practice this technique and, lucky for me, we found him right in Cozumel. While Scott treats many Americans, he also has quite a few Mexican patients. They don't really understand what he does and they refer to him as a witch doctor or wizard. Like the locals, I don't understand either; I only know that it worked. Like magic! The treatment took about one hour and the fee was $45.

For those skeptics, below is some background information about Tensegrity Therapy that may remove the hocus-pocus from the concept.

Tensegrity Therapy is a process of detecting and releasing the deep, underlying restrictions, which may be associaetd with injuries, or scars due to surgery or inflammation. These restricted areas may be painless, but are usually extremely tender to the touch. They result in a complex, interconnecting network of abnormal tensions or strain patterns. These may lead to many painful and imbalanced conditions of the body.

Assessment involves a very detailed diagnosis of the tension patterns by testing one area of restriction against another. In this way the primary areas of restriction can be differentiated from the secondary compensations.

Treatments are very gentle and may involve the use of precice located pressure, recoil (a gentle springing type of motion), or special treatments to release scar tissue. The practioner may use other forms of therapy to support the healing process.

Tensegrity Therapy is generally painless, however, since longterm imbalances are often being corrected, the body may react for a period of several days after each treatment, as it reorganizes itself to a new state of balance. Areas of tension tend to relax, while joints which are unstable, tend to regain their normal tone. The assessment is repeated at each subsequent visit. Layers of strain patterns are usually revealed, as restrictions are released in each session. In this way, all of the structural imbalances, which have developed over a lifetime, can be released permanently, through a series of treatments.

Tensegrity Therapy represents a significant breakthrough in the rehabilitation of structural disorders. It addresses the body at a fundamental, molecular level of dysfunction, which is often the source of persisting health problems. This revolutionary approach can relieve many conditions and help restore optimal, pain-free function.

Scott's phone number on the island is 87-25099.

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